Does it hurt?

Most insertions are painless. You will sometimes feel a prick from the needle. There can be some sensitivity in problem areas or some burning or tingling feelings that pass momentarily. A sharp pain can happen as well but with needle adjustment it will go away as well. A "zing" may be felt while using electricity

Will I bleed?

There can be some blood when removing a needle but it can usually be stopped and cleaned by a cotton swab.

Will I bruise?

There can be minor bruising with regular insertion or after a more aggressive technique i.e. pecking.

What is electrical stimulation?

Electrical stimulation can be used by the practitioner by either a handheld machine, which is usually used for brief periods of time, or a machine with alligator clips which can be hooked up and usually left for longer.

What is fascia cupping?

Fascia cupping is the release of tissues used by silicone, glass, or plastic cups. The practitioner at this location uses silicone cups.

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