What to Expect

Your First Visit

During your initial visit, your chiropractor will take a detailed health history, perform a physical and chiropractic examination to determine the root of your problem. While certainly not common place, an x-ray or diagnostic ultrasound may be ordered if necessary. Once your chiropractor has reached a diagnosis of your problem, they will work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and goals. This may include referral, or co-management with another provider if appropriate. Due to the comprehensive nature of your first visit, your first visit is scheduled for a longer duration than follow up visits.

Follow up visits

During your follow up visit with your chiropractor, they may utilize various therapeutic and manual techniques in order to help you get closer to your goal. Treatments may include spinal adjustment techniques, manual soft tissue therapies, percussion therapies, exercise and rehabilitative exercise, Low-Level-Laser therapy, home care advice along with dietary and healthy living suggestions.

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