Chiropractic Approach

At Airport Health Professionals our chiropractors approach health care viewing the ‘whole picture’. While we pride ourselves in providing symptomatic relief from things such as neck and back pain, our focus is on getting to the root of your problem, and providing strategies to help stop your problem from returning.

While our chiropractors often utilize chiropractic adjustments, our approaches incorporate much more.  We treat each person as a whole, examining the entire body, and incorporate the most effective therapies and techniques suited for each patients unique situation. By incorporating rehabilitative exercises, myofascial release therapies, neuro-mobilizations, Low-Level-Laser therapy, nutritional support along side more traditional manual therapies, and providing home care programs, we are able to help alleviate our patients pains and problems as quickly as possible, and reduce the chances them from returning.

Our chiropractors have strong relationships with massage therapists, physiotherapists, medical doctors, allowing us to refer to an appropriate provider or co-manage your care if necessary.

Airport Health Professionals

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