Concussion Care

We are proud to announce that we now offer certified concussion care at Airport Health. Dr. Karisa Groff has joined our team and is fully trained in assessing and treating all types of concussions. She offers concussion assessments for post-concussion care which is great for times when you think you have a concussion and need help with symptom management. She also offers baseline testing for individuals and teams for pre-concussion screening and measurements. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or book an appointment with Dr. Karisa Groff now!

What is a Concussion?

Concussion treatment and management is exponentially changing as more and more researched is being done and strategies to help with symptoms have been brought to light. Public interest and research have continued to boom with the number of studies done on concussion and mild forms of traumatic brain injuries multiplying by 15 times over the last 20 years.

A concussion can occur after a fall, getting hit playing sports, or a car accident creating a shearing type of effect on the brain. The brain has two different areas, the white matter and grey matter, which have two separate weights. As the injury occurs, these two areas of the brain shift and move at different speeds creating acceleration and then deceleration of the brain. Depending where the shear and injury occur, certain symptoms present. Common concussion symptoms often include headaches, dizziness, neck pain, nausea, sensitivity to sound or light, brain fog, and fatigue. Along with a concussion, whiplash usually occurs due to the force placed upon the neck as well. This often adds to the headache, neck pain, mid back pain, stiffness and sensitivity that may present.

New Approach to Concussion Management

For many years, the standard concussion management approach was the “rest-is-best” approach where practitioners would recommend patients to avoid any physical or mental activity until their symptoms resolved. With the abundance of research that has now been done, this is actually the worst rehab and management we could be doing for concussions. New research has provided us with a new approach based around “Exercise is medicine”. Recent studies have started to show that aerobic exercise, rehab exercises, cognitive and mental exercise along with manual therapy is the best approach to concussion management and recovery.

What Does a Typical Concussion Appointment Look Like at Airport Health?

Concussion assessment and treatment includes a history of the event, an examination to understand the severity of the concussion and to rule out any red flags. The exam includes a cervical spine/neck exam, neurological exam, and balance testing to ensure all areas that may have been affected are checked. Treatment often includes soft tissue or manual therapy to areas of tension, visual and vestibular rehab, take home exercises as well as general information to help you recover quickly.

Baseline testing appointments are also offered and highly encouraged for anyone playing contact sports or in a setting where concussions may be more common. A baseline test is a pre-concussion screening test that is used to help practitioners treat and manage any future concussions that may occur. Baseline testing includes questions based on the SCAT 6 questionnaire, balance testing, reaction time and memory testing.

At Airport Health we offer both post-concussion assessments and treatment as well as baseline testing from Monday to Saturday with Dr. Karisa Groff. If you have any questions feel free to call or email us or book an appointment now!

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